You're probably feeling crappy for not having a date this year.

Well, stop it, because you're awesome. Don't believe me? Well, BUCK UP Negative Noodles Nancy, because I'm about to prove it.

You don't need a dance partner to get down.

You have so much rhythm, you can't contain it in ANY situation.

When someone tells you to do something boring like, wait in the parking lot, you're like, "I thought you'd never ask."

It doesn't matter if you took the costume party too seriously.

You'll make it work.

One man's flight of stairs is another man's stage. That other man being you. You smooth son-of-a-gun.

Boogie boards are for kids, unless YOU GET AHOLD OF ONE.

Perfect timing? Yeah, you're do it right.

Your powers of persuasion can convince ANYone to go to the gym with you.

Because simply jumping off a cliff just isn't extreme enough. Not for YOU, Mr. Rambo 2.0.

What's that, a wheelbarrow? Not for YOU you unstoppable force of AMAZING.

You NEVER back down from a challenge, even when the odds are not in your favor.

You stand your ground without even... standing.

You are fierce.

You're the original with a twist.

You're so fabulous you need a secret stash of glitter to celebrate with at all times.

So go ahead, give yourself one of these:

Wherever you happen to be right now, say this out loud:

You can even have your cake and eat it too.

Because guess what...

And even if you DON'T agree with me for some silly reason, there's always this:

And if even THAT can't get you out of your bout of low self-esteem, remember... There is always hope.