Things That Make Every Employee Happy

Free food.

The Real Ravo

Employees are thrilled to learn the boss will provide lunch. It could be practically anything, and we'll rush in with paper plate and plastic fork in hand. Diets are shirked, picky appetites suddenly become ravenous, and the girl with a dairy allergy is ready to choke-hold anyone who takes more than two slices of cheese pizza. Animal instincts aside, the quickest way to employees' hearts is through their stomachs. This isn't a trick that can only be used on men. Free food is free food is free food.


Triv Works

A successful company needn't always have it's nose to the dirt. Finding time for employees to not take something seriously is a gift they won't take for granted. Hold an Easter Egg Hunt even when it's not Easter. Have everyone stop what they're doing to watch a clip of George Carlin's best stand-up. It could even be something as small as a conversation that doesn't have to do with work. Everyone likes hearing that life is too short to not enjoy it, and we especially when it comes from our leaders.

Being useful

Bosses have the responsibility of keeping track of their employees' work as well as putting their best talents to use. It's a tough job because most people want to show up to work, do the job, get paid and go home. To make someone feel useful, and in the end, fulfilled, a boss has to give employees the opportunity to see that they can make a difference not only to the company, but to the person consuming the business's service and product.

When someone in the office sends over an article or song they think we'd like.

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Sending an article or song to someone because you think he/she would love it is not an action reserved exclusively for friends. When co-workers and bosses prove they know one another, it boosts morale. You don't have to chat after work on the phone, but sending an article to someone else in the office--that doesn't have to do with work--proves you're paying attention and that's enough to start building real trust.

Getting coffee without asking for it.


Be it Dunkin, Bucks, or the almighty Keurig, we all love getting coffee (or tea, you strange, strange tea drinkers) without prompting others to get it while they're out. Getting a surprise coffee just the way you like it is a favor that no decent human being ignores. Do this and expect profuse thanks and a wide smile. If you want to see someone go ape-crazy, bring a surprise sandwich. Don't get too excited, otherwise it be like,





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