These Photos Of A Duck Adopted By Cats Are TOO Cute!

On a farm, unexpected friendships can form between the loving furry creatures who live there. At Homebush Farm in Queensland, Australia, one such friendship caught our eye and captured our heart!

The farm's owner Tamara tells the story best:

Here on Homebush Farm we have a variety of animals and sometimes we end up with orphaned babies, ducklings are no exception here. So we brought him into the house to give hime the best chance at life. Unicorn the Cat has now adopted him.

Cats are often thought of as bird hunters, because of their penchant for bringing their owners "prizes" that they've caught in the yard. But at Homebush Farm, the cat called Unicorn decided to care for the little duckling instead.

The family named the baby duck Kitty, to honor her total acceptance to her new family—just take a look at these cuddles!

Thanks to her human and feline caretakers, Kitty the Duck went from an orphan to full-grown, with a pretty sweet life. For instance, she still gets lots of cuddles with her furry family:

This lucky duck is living the life at Homebush Farm!

Photos via Homebush Farm. To read more adorable animal stories, visit us on Facebook and subscribe to our Only Good News newsletter!

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