It's surprising how dependent we are on our cars. You don't realize the difference owning a car makes until you can't get to a job, the grocery store, or school, let alone transporting family back and forth or for emergencies. Luckily, The Lift Garage offers inexpensive auto repair to those in need in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Rodney Walker is a former Navy recruiter who wanted to spend more time with his family. He quit his job feeling confident in his skills to find a new career. Then the recession hit, keeping him out of work. He is currently underemployed and his family has been struggling to make ends meet.

Lift Garage Executive Director Cathy Heying initially knew nothing about car repair. At 38-years-old, she went back to school for auto technology. To date, Cathy and The Lift Garage has saved Minneapolis residents over $30,000 in repair bills. Her mission is to lifts spirits, lives and families through their struggles.

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