Ever wonder if you are eating the right foods before or after your workout? Well here are some helpful tips and recipes that are quick and good for your body. After all,  you are what you eat.

Here are a few foods you can eat before your workout. These are sure to give you the energy needed to push yourself a little farther. You can do it!

(Source: Diets In Review)

High Protein Pancakes

Pancakes with added protein or flax seeds will help with longer workouts or building your endurance.

(Source: Diets In Review)

Whole Grain Toast with Peanut Butter and Honey                                                                  Whole grain bread with peanut butter and honey is an excellent source of carbohydrates and protein. Having carbs before a workout can greatly increase your productivity and energy levels. 

Now onto those foods that are going to keep you going after your workout. There are two key nutrients to include in your meal after a workout; protein and carbohydrates. Protein helps with rebuilding those muscles you just worked on and Carbs help get your glycogen levels back up.

(Source: Diets In Review)

Hard-Boiled Eggs with Spinach

Eggs are an amazing source of protein and hard boiling them before a workout makes them quick and easy to eat on the go. Toss them into a spinach salad and you have yourself a healthy hearty meal.

(Diets In Review)

Greek Yogurt with Berries

Low-fat Greek  yogurt is a wonderful source of protein and only 150 calories. Add some of your favorite berries in there and you're all set to go. Eating yogurt after a workout helps build up your calcium levels for stronger bones too!

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