Millionaire Offers His Mansions To Victims Of Texas Tornados

Homes waiting for sale or investment sit empty and unused until they are bought. One very smart businessman wants to put them to use! Rob Sturgeon, a Texas millionaire and property investor, is opening two mansions as temporary housing for families who lost their homes in the state’s recent storms. The payment due for rent? One dollar per month.

His company mainly deals with commercial real estate, but he had a pair of two million dollar mansions purchased as investments that are currently up for sale. He says the idea to offer them as housing “just overtook me.”

“I was just thinking about having those two big homes,” Sturgeon told KDAF News. “It doesn’t make sense for them to be vacant when somebody could be using them that obviously would have a great need.”

Even though the properties are 2 hours away from the Dallas area he has had over 70 people apply. His plan is to let one family live in each mansion for up to three months, but Sturgeon says he could extend that if he still hasn’t found a buyer. The houses have luxurious amenities which he is hoping will bring joy to their lives!

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America Recycles Day: See Little Homes For The Homeless

One person's trash is another's "Home Sweet Home." Oakland artist Gregory Kloehn makes pint sized homes on wheels from discarded materials he finds on the street. Inspired by the small home environmental movement, Kloehn started making his homeless architecture of fully functioning houses out of shipping containers, dumpsters and discarded street trash. Greg gives his handmade homes away to the needy and thus far has built 10 unique living environments. They may be small, but they have a big impact on the lives of the people he helps. He's a one man affordable housing project.

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