Meet Inspiring 4-Year-Old Austin and His Campaign To Feed Those In Need

The way that a child's mind works is so wonderful to behold.

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Passionate About Helping Others, 11-Year-Old Donates Shoes To Kids In Need

Since preschool, young Emily Inch has been helping others. When she was very little, she was unusually generous, donating toys and clothes that she didn't want anymore. As she grew older and became more aware of challenges that her schoolmates face, she realized that she could make an even bigger impact.

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Former NBA Player Reunites With His Son After 29 Years

Eddie is a 6'9 former NBA player, who played for the great Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV, was drafted by the Spurs in the late 1970s to play behind "the Iceman" George Gervin, played professional basketball in Europe, and then went through a difficult period that lead to years of homelessness.

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This Kindness Queen Gives Care Packages To The Homeless

Orly Wahba is the founder and CEO of Life Vest Inside, a non-profit organization that inspires, educates, and empowers people to live their lives full of kindness. She is also the director and producer of Kindnesss Boomerang's "One Day" YouTube video that has over 80 million views worldwide!

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How My Saxophone Saved My Life

In the words of Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "Music is the universal language of all mankind." For Tenor Saxophonist Dusty Rhodes, this is the anthem that he lives by.

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Quadriplegic Beauty Entrepreneur Shares Story of Homeless Photographer Genius

Francesco Clark and Mark Reay understand adversity in a way that others may not. In this premier episode of the new HooplaHa original series "Stories That Inspire", Francesco Clark, President of Clark's Botanicals and a quadriplegic, talks with actor, photographer, and model, Mark Reay about his past homelessness and together they share the positive side of adversity!

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Houston Police Officer Washes Homeless Man's Feet; Doesn't Stop There...

This is human compassion at its finest. Will all the negative comments about police officers circling the news, we love to highlight beautiful stories like this.

SGT Steve Wick with the Houston Police Department was spotted washing a homeless man's feet. Why? Wick spotted Quintus, a 75-year-old, nearly blind, homeless man, making his way to a thrift store to get clothes. But he was struggling and having trouble walking. Wick and another officer helped clean his feet, clip his toe nails, get new clothes and get him to a local clinic to get cleaned up. They didn't stop there. The Houston Homeless Outreach Team is working on getting him care from an eye doctor. Humanity really is beautiful!

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See How A 9-Year-Old Superhero Helps The Homeless

You've never met a superhero like this before! You've heard of the classics like Superman and Batman... but our favorite would have to be 9-year-old SUPER EWAN! On the fourth Saturday of each month Super Ewan, along with his family and Super Volunteers, goes down to Roosevelt Park in Detroit to distribute food, clothing and basic necessities to the less fortunate. This 9-year old has a passion to help the homeless! Equipped with his superhero attire and a lot of help from his parents, he is changing the lives of thousands of homeless individuals.

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