This Kindness Queen Gives Care Packages To The Homeless

Orly Wahba is the founder and CEO of Life Vest Inside, a non-profit organization that inspires, educates, and empowers people to live their lives full of kindness. She is also the director and producer of Kindnesss Boomerang's "One Day" YouTube video that has over 80 million views worldwide!

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See How A 9-Year-Old Superhero Helps The Homeless

You've never met a superhero like this before! You've heard of the classics like Superman and Batman... but our favorite would have to be 9-year-old SUPER EWAN! On the fourth Saturday of each month Super Ewan, along with his family and Super Volunteers, goes down to Roosevelt Park in Detroit to distribute food, clothing and basic necessities to the less fortunate. This 9-year old has a passion to help the homeless! Equipped with his superhero attire and a lot of help from his parents, he is changing the lives of thousands of homeless individuals.

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This London Org Trains The Homeless In Barista Skills And Offers New Purpose

"In some way, shape, or form, there's beauty inside everyone," says Cemal Ezal, the founder of Change Please, a London organization that provides support to people living in homelessness in the city.

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Students Use Grocery Bags To Make Something Incredible For The Homeless

How do you recycle your grocery bags? These high school students in Michigan are doing a very unique project with them. They are crocheting sleeping mats for the homeless! How neat is that?

The National Honor Society at Three Rivers High School said its "Mile of Mats" project is aimed at making enough crocheted grocery bag sleeping mats to stretch for an entire mile. Each 6x4 foot mat uses anywhere from 500-700 grocery bags! Not to mention hours of work. They are seeking donations of any grocery bags people have.

"Its not an individual sport," Ashley Eby, the school's NHS adviser, told WXMI-TV. "We've got a lot of people involved. And really that's what NHS is all about -- is getting our community involved and being able to serve and help all together."

They are aiming for a goal of 880 mats and asking community members to pledge $200 per mat, with an aim of raising $176,000 for the NHS and other community projects. The crocheting group is also seeking donations of crocheting needles and recyclable plastic grocery bags.

"Its [means] quite a bit to be able to give back to the community, especially the homeless who, no one really realizes how many homeless people are here in Michigan," junior Michael Hayes said.


12-Year-Old Collects 1,000 Coats For The Homeless

While some kids were spending their holiday season writing letters to Santa, playing outside and enjoying time off from school, one very special kid was doing something incredible. 12-year-old Makenna Breading-Goodrich went door to door in her neighbordhood collecting coats for the homeless. She dropped off about 1,000 items at Phoenix Rescue Mission Shelter.

“It gets really cold around here at night, like 30 degrees, and I want to make sure homeless people aren’t walking around without jackets or blankets at night!” Makenna said. “I just want people to know someone cares about them.”

This is something new for the do-gooder. Makenna has been taking donations for four years through an organization she started, Makenna’s Coats for a Cause. Each November, she begins traveling her neighborhood collecting jackets on her red wagon.

“Something small can make a big difference,” she told People. “I want this to spread. A little kindness can inspire others!”

It is the season of giving and Makenna is doing her part!

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This 16-Year-Old Is Helping The Homeless One Shoe At A Time

Nicholas Lowinger is a 16-year-old on a mission. He founded the Gotta Have Sole Foundation after visiting a homeless shelter in his home state of Rhode Island. After seeing children who were barefoot and with shoes made of duct tape, he wanted to allow children to have a positive childhood experience by owning their own pair of comfortable and perfectly fitting new shoes. Since it's inception, Nicholas and Gotta Have Sole has helped more than 16,500 children across 35 states.

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Food Rescuers Turn Leftovers Into Lunch For The Hungry

Think about all the food left over at restaurants that isn't being used. Does it get thrown out? There are tons of hungry people who would appreciate it! This is exactly was Robert Lee believes and why he started his own foundation!

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LA Couple Befriends the Homeless With Love and Life’s Essentials

Jef Joslin grew up in a small town in Tennessee. Like many kids he knew, Jef grew up in a faith based home, he was very athletic and played football throughout high school, even accepting a scholarship to play the time honored sport collegiately. Despite his obligation to friends and family, as well as his commitment to uphold his athletic scholarship, Jef began exploring a newfound passion for music. He took a leap of faith and even followed his creative passions to the Los Angeles, where he now lives with his wife, Ciera. The couple often spend hours on the beach near the Venice boardwalk, enjoying the ocean and the laid back Southern California atmosphere. The environment is not only inspiring for them as artists, but also allows them an opportunity to befriend the homeless, a population in California that is often ignored. Jef has not only stayed true to his roots musically, but also as a man of faith, starting Love Trade, a grass roots effort on the part of him and his wife to provide the homeless population with a small package of essentials, a grocery store card and hygienic products. They not only donate life's necessities, but also their time. Perhaps the most important part of this exchange is helping a group of people who have been dismissed by society know they are loved, cared for and accepted. Sometimes compassion doesn’t need to come in the form of grandiose gestures, but something small, a smile, a laugh and sincere conversation just to say, you are cared for and you matter.

Want to stay connected to Jef Joslin, check out his west coast jams and learn more about Love Trade? Check out his website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

This video was produced by Elise Vaux and shot/edited by Brett Dahlenberg. Want to hear more inspiring stories? Checkout the HooplaHa YouTube Network...and don't forget to smile!

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