Charity Lacrosse Tournament Raises Money For Wounded Warriors

Sometimes it's hard to get teenagers to get involved in their community. But when a community event involved a lacrosse tournament, you'd be surprised how many came to help!

Sticks for Soldiers is a charity lacrosse tournament in Fairfield, Connecticut that helps to raise money for wounded troops. Veterans are invited to watch the matches and be honored for their service, as well as enjoy a day of competition! The event's main mission is to provide support for those who defended our country in battle and give the participating teenagers and opportunity to give thanks to the men and women who serve our country.

"It is a great way to teach our kids what these people sacrifice for our safety," said one of the organizers. "I'm glad we can expose them to this."

The tournament has raised over $160,000 in just six years. 2012's honorees were US Amy Captain Greg Galeazzi, of Glastonbury, CT and USMC Sgt.(Retired) Greg Caron of Ellington, CT.

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