Think of everyone in life you've ever known, befriended, cared for, or even loved. All these people, your family, your best friends, your significant other…all started off as strangers. It's a sobering thought to remember that at one point or another in our lives, someone that could be so incredibly important was nothing more than a passing face.

I TALK TO STRANGERS® (ITTS) is a social movement founded by Robbie Stokes, Jr. that brings the world together through conversation. In 2012 Stokes had an idea to start conversations with people he did not know, so he quit his job on Capitol Hill to travel the globe and document what would happen if he simply talked to strangers. "I wanted to have some impact to change the world but lately I've been hearing that the true impact is connecting the world, " says Stokes. "I sold everything. All of my possessions fit into two suitcases. Legitimately four pairs of jeans, five shirts, four pairs of socks, a pair of tennis shoes, and a dream."

To follow Robbie's journey and join the movement, subscribe to their YouTube Channel and checking all the upcoming events on their website.