Shari Alyse is pretty sure she came out of her mother's womb giving advice to the medical staff; it's always just been a part of who she is. Shari always loved being surrounded by smiling people, and when she realized that not everybody was happy, she decided she would take it into her own hands by entertaining them. That is where the actress was born. As she's gotten older, and has been dubbed "Dr." by a lot of her friends, she has come to realize that she makes a lot better "Shari" than playing a character on-screen and is now pursuing her own talk show and motivational speaking circuit. That calling, to help others and entertain them, has brought about her own radio talk show, a motivational book, an inspirational website, a regular vlog series, and the one she is most proud of, a humanitarian trip to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Shari believes that "we all have a light inside of us that is meant to shine, but we spend so much time letting the debris from our past bury that light." Her deepest desire is to awaken and bring out each person's unique light, so we can all live each and every moment in joy, love, and with purpose!