Positive Paparazzi

It was a good week for celebrity goodness.

Mila Kunis gave an incredibly charming interview where she comforted a "petrified" BBC reporter.

Despite the negative press during their relationship, Britney Spears amicably joined K-Fed and his current girlfriend to watch their son's soccer game.

UNICEF partner, Hilary Swank, traveled to Ehtiopia to learn about educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities.

In a poignant interview for the April issue of British GQ, Bradley Cooper sets an example of how losing a loved one can be both a curse and a blessing, and reminds us that fame and Oscar wins are not what life is really about.

Red Hot Chile Peppers' Chad Smith will lobby Congress on the importance of music education.

After winning the Oscar for Best Original Song, Adele made sure her five-month-old son won it for Best Son. She headed back to the UK with a mini-Oscar statue for her little guy. A-dorbz.

"Castle's" Nathan Fillion will hang out with you for charity.

Ben Affleck turned into a lion-dad when menacing paprazzi harassed his daughter. The Argo star picked four-year-old Seraphina up to shield her from the swarm of cameras that got so close they started to scare her. Good for Affleck for doing what he could to comfort his daughter without punching the paps in the face, which plenty of us would want to do in a similar situation.

Following in his mother's footsteps, Prince Harry will assume the role of patron to the late Princess Di's charity, The Halo Trust, which works to remove hazardous debris of war.

Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Todd Herremans launched his charity, the Todd Herremans Foundation, to simply offer help where help is needed.

Thank you, dear celebrities, for reminding us that we are all people with the need for love and protection, and a desire to help others. Cheers to THAT.

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