Mothers and sons have a special bond. Here to prove it to you are stars of HooplaHa's original series Mom and Me, Pat Graziosi and his mother Teresa Graziosi.

In this episode, watch their special bond unfold when mom teaches son how to cook a family favorite, Chicken Cutlet Parmesan. Since Pat never learned how to cook, mom Teresa decided now that he is living on his own & spending money on takeout every night, she should finally teach him some basics on how to cook good food. Do you think she can teach her millennial son how to make her traditional Chicken Cutlet Parmesan? Watch and find out!

With the goal of making inspirational, fun, and thought provoking videos, stars of Mom And Me, Pat and Teresa hope their videos will give a little insight into keeping a family relationship strong.

Pat Graziosi is a blogger, producer and voice artist. To see more of Pat, visit his website, his YouTube Channel – Think Happier, Live Happier, and his educational animation YouTube Series Life Noggin.

This HooplaHa original video was produced, shot, and edited by Pat Graziosi. To see more videos that put a smile on your face, visit HooplaHa's YouTube channel and Facebook page.