Remember the days when you would run outdoors… outside catching fireflies, fishing in ponds, or riding your bike? Where did those days go?

It seems that technology, video games, and cell phones are keeping today's youth indoors and away from Nature.

Well, this Non-profit organization in Marlow, New Hampshire is trying to change that and are redefining a strong outdoor tradition!

Kroka Expeditions a farm-based, wilderness expeditions school, which allows students to live in and have a greater relationship with the natural world. In fact, all students are involved in working on the farm, practicing adventure sports (such as canoeing, hiking, and fishing) and learning traditional & indigenous skills to be able to live self-sufficiently in the wilderness.

It's allowing kids to step away from modern technology and enter a new, fresh world where they can become more accustomed with nature, learn survival skills, and develop a unique passion for the great outdoors. It changes the lives a students by giving them a new perspective and opening up their view of the world

That sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Even though the full-length program is only offered to young people, Kroka Expeditions is offering condensed trips for the whole family to participate in! To learn more about Kroka Expeditions and the opportunities they have in store for you, visit

This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Heather Holloway. To see more videos that inspire, visit our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.