Every month is the official month of something--more often than not, every month is the official month of many things. January's list is mostly about coziness. It makes sense, after all, that the month with the most depressing day of the year should be a time when we emphasize making ourselves warm and/or comfortable. The first item encourages us to unwind from the frigid air with a bath, but also to do it safely.

National Bath Safety Month


This one tops the list in practicality. Not only do you run the risk of slipping in the tub and giving yourself a heart-attack before clonking yourself unconscious, but you're also the most vulnerable in the bath. Many say sitting on the toilet is the most vulnerable position, but that's really just the most embarrassing. In a tub, you're basically lying down and can't spring into action without looking like a panicked seal.

National Blood Donor Month

This one is less cozy. It is, however, very nice. Someone who needs the blood will certainly be healthier and therefore cozier once he or she has it. It's a good deed that does not go unnoticed.

National Braille Literacy Month


This one's good because not only does it celebrate reading, it celebrates reading for those who can't enjoy the traditional book. Despite the sales in eReaders, people always talk about how they love the actual book in their hands. If anyone's plea to keep actual books on the shelves, it's the readers who depend on touch to read. Everyone deserves a bit of time on the couch with a book.

National Hobby Month

Apparently January is the month in which to let loose the creativity you've been stifling for the other 11. I personally challenge you to take up a hobby and tend to it twice a week. It could be anything, like crocheting, or writing about catnip, or developing asocial relationships with television characters. Now is the time to shut out the nasty winter weather and create a domain of moderately exciting activity in the safety of your home. Go for it. I believe in you.

Here's some hobby inspiration if you get stuck thinking of something:

Elephant dancing.


Finger warmers!


Teutonic fencing.


Hot Tea Month, National Oatmeal Month, and National Soup Month.


The coziest foods ever. I also suspect that whoever decided these last three was going through the peak of a bad cold. Whatever, I don't hate it. I might combine all the January activities and spend tonight setting up turrets around my bathtub, listening to Huckleberry Finn on tape while turning my old shoes into planters, and serving myself a three course tea-soup-quaker meal in the tub. I think I could get a memoir out of that: The Coziest Night Ever in January--practically screams best-seller.