It Takes a Village: Grateful Gatherings Helps Formerly Homeless Families Furnish Houses With Goods and Love

Losing a home can be a devastating setback for a family. And with so many factors to manage—health, school, bills, work, and beyond—it is easier than it may seem for a busy family to face homelessness.

"A lot of times, it's people who got one paycheck behind," says Chris Flitter, the co-founder of Grateful Gatherings.

Grateful Gatherings is a nonprofit whose focus is on families who have found a new place to live after the loss of their home, a step in the process that comes with its own challenges and setbacks. If a family has spent time in a shelter or a car or another living arrangement, they most likely do not have many furnishings on hand for their new kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. That's where Grateful Gatherings comes in. The nonprofit rallies volunteers to help fill homes for families in need with furniture and other items that have been donated to the organization.

Providing what's needed for these families is about more than just material goods. Success in school and at work requires a warm, complete, emotionally supportive home. The co-founders of Grateful Gatherings want to provide just that support, while also being conscious of respecting the families they are working with.

"It's really important to me that we are not going in as as bunch of haves to help a bunch of have-nots," says Chris. "We are friends and family coming to help them at a time when they need a little help."

Everybody could use a little help sometimes. We adore the positive, welcoming attitude of Grateful Gatherings, and wish them continued success in pursuing their mission.

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