What was the last excuse you used for not following your dreams? Westport, Connecticut resident Rosie Jon was born without arms, but that has not stopped her from setting her goals high.

Rosie was raised in both London and Seoul. From a very early age she had to learn to use her feet to do what her arms can't. She became very adept and concurred all she set her mind to. She became an extremely talented artist... at just age 6! She was winning art competitions and getting cover designs as a child. She went on to pursue math and science in college... but her passion always pulled her back.

Thanks to an organization called "We Want More," Rosie paints in front of others, showing her talent and proving to everyone that there is no limitation that can truly stop you from doing what you want. Now she paints full time, is a motivational speaker and has a wonderful family. She shows us that anything is possible.

"From the beginning I knew there was a special reason I was born this way," she said. "I'm always striving to be extraordinary rather than ordinary. This motivates me to get there."

This video was produced by Tracy Chevrier, shot/edited by Jonny Perez.

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