1. No matter the miles

He's from America and she's from China. Despite the thousands of miles that separated them, Peter and Gezi managed to find each other and fall in love.

2. Love in a hopeless place

Some would classify the morning commute as the worst part of their work day. For Susan and John however, it turned out to be not only the best part of their day but perhaps their entire life.

3. That's Amore!

Joe and Katy go together like meatballs and cookies. And although that may not sound like a convincing combination, these two have some how made it work.

4. Wherefore art thou Romeo?

After talking online for 9 years, these elementary school sweethearts meet again in a magical shakespearean moment.

Tia and Justin

5. Whether you met yesterday or 50 years ago...

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at HooplaHa!