Helpful Advice From A Mom Who Knows

It's safe to say Lyette Reback knows a thing or two about parenting. This mom of 15 kids has been through her share of laundry, homework, cooking, shopping, problem solving and fun. Lyette was an only child. Never having so much as changed a diaper, she had no experience going into parenting. But now with an impressive resume and her own parenting blog, she hopes to help other moms and families through her own experience.

In a new web series, Mom 15: Advice From A Mom Who Knows, we hear first hand from Lyette. She gives advice on how to make the most of your life with your kids. She inspires parents to take joy in this time with their kids and tries to show them about the importance of family. From delegating responsibilities to how to take spontaneous road trips, she opens up about what has worked for her, her husband and 15 amazing kids.

We introduced the world to this wonderful family back in March. In case you missed their debut, check it out.

Be the first to see this sneak peak at a family and series destined to be a sure fire web hit! Series Premiere next week, Wednesday May 6th, only on the HooplaHa Network... just in time for Mother's Day!

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