After traveling the world with one another for a semester at sea, a group of students decided to start a company that lets you "wear the world."

They gather fabric patterns from around the world that look like this:

Then they take those patters and turn them into a pocket on a white T. The result is a great little pop of color:


Their mission is to connect people to the globe through fabric while giving back to the communities that inspire and create their designs.

Here's a simple visual of their step-by-step process:

 According to Forbes, Serengetee's Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff Steitz said that since the products are made-to-order and the simple shirts are inexpensive to purchase in bulk, Serengetee’s profit margin is at a healthy 60-80%. The 13% that goes to charitable causes is therefore “significant but also sustainable.”

The first few months of business took place in Steitz's dorm room. As demand grew for the $24 shirts, he and his team soon realized that they needed more space to conduct business properly. They decided to consolidate production and shipping in a Los Angeles warehouse, which has dramatically improved efficiency. They also hope to consolidate management in an LA office, since their future plans involve expanding their products to Serengetee handbags, bracelets and a children's line.

Steitz said double majoring in music and economics while running a company is extremely time consuming, but his team's ambition to keep going and expand business is battened by the philanthropy produced by their work.

“What makes us feel great about the future is that the more products we sell, the bigger the impact will be on our partner causes," he said. "These win-win situations are the true benefits of a social venture.”

To check out more of Serengetee click here to visit their site.