Meet The Sweet Boston Girls Donating 8 Inches Of Hair To Cancer Patients

Last year, 5 girls from elementary schools in Needham, Massachusetts participated in Pantene's Beautiful Lengths campaign by donating several inches of their hair to create wigs for people fighting cancer. Apparently, that group of students totally inspired their peers—this year, there were 32 participants!

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Family-Owned Car Wash Offers Fun and Fulfilling Work to Employees With Autism

Lots of entrepreneurs build businesses around their personal skill sets. The D'Eri family decided to build their company around a very specific type of talent and ability: those possessed by people on the Autism spectrum, including Andrew D'Eri, one of the family's two sons.

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James Shaw Jr., The Waffle House Hero, Continues To Inspire With Selflessness

Back in April of this year, James Shaw Jr. leapt to the defense of his fellow diners at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee, after a man started shooting a gun inside the restaurant. James saved an unknowable number of lives when he intervened, and has been rightfully praised as a hero ever since.

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With One Facebook Post, A Hospital Connected With People Across The World

When a Canada hospital requested bright and cheerful homemade finger puppets from its community, they got far more than a handful—and it's a story that's reinvigorating our faith in humanity!

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Amazing News For Wild Animals: A New Effort To Get Rid Of Plastic Six-Pack Rings

The impact of trash on the environment and on animal life has received renewed attention recently, and for good reason! Natural habitats and wildlife's survival are under serious threat by the trash that human beings toss without a thought.

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How a 9-Year-Old Named Sam Is Feeding the Needy In His Community

Sam Kieffer, who is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is 9 years old, could teach us all a lesson about compassion and activism.

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An Animal Shelter Just Won $250,000 To Reunite Families With Lost Pets Via Text!

When you address a problem head-on with patience, intelligence, and determination, you can solve nearly anything you put your mind to!

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Why This Talented Baker Refuses To Be Limited By Her Half-Blindness

Carina Comer owns a bakery in Beaverton, Oregon, where she employs five people. Three of those employees are sight-impaired, just like Carina is. The menus at the bakery are printed in extra-large font, and two seeing-eye dogs hang out by the register at the front counter, ready to help Carina or the other bakery workers at a moment's notice.

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