7 Photos To Strengthen Your Faith In Humanity

It's always a good day to let some light into your heart. And a surefire way of lifting spirits is to remind yourself of how much kindness, compassion, and care exists out there in the world. These photos should do just that—so take a couple minutes to let the feelings of warmth and light these photos deliver wash over you. And as always... don't forget to smile!

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Meet The 13-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Prepping for The 2020 Paralympics

To stand on a podium and receive a triathlon medal takes countless hours of preparation, practice, training, and toughness. Mental and physical toughness can be developed and enhanced, but for some people, it's clear that they were born with an above-average measure of both. One of those people is 13-year-old Kira Stevens.

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This Viral Facebook Page Puts Disabled Kids' Stories Front and Center

"I want to boss people around," says the young girl sitting next to the former teacher, a big smile spreading across her face. She's explaining her reason for wanting to be a teacher when she grows up, as part of a light-hearted interview with the man sitting next to her. The man is Chris Ulmer, a former special education teacher from Florida who has made it his mission to allow kids with mental and physical differences to tell their own stories.

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How Young Men In Kansas City Are Helping Veterans During Summer Break

In Kansas City, a youth organization is delivering assistance and confidence to two very different and very deserving groups. It's called Urban Ranger Corps, and its self-described mission is to guide young men into projects of community service and self-improvement.

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Baby Elephants Enjoying A Pool Party At The Zoo Is Pure Joy

Summer time is pool time, whether you're a city kid, a suburbanite, or a baby elephant in Dublin. As this smile-inducing video demonstrates, when temperatures soar, zoo keepers take extra steps to offer the animals they care for relief from the blazing sun.

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Kids Who Need Prostheses Get A Helping Hand From Two Designers In The UK

Stephen Davies was born with only one hand. And despite the fact that the technology and design that power prosthetic limbs was already fairly advanced by the time Stephen decided to pursue getting one, he struggled to secure a prosthesis that gave him comfort and confidence. It was that experience that launched what would become Stephen's lifelong passion project: Team Unlimbited.

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NJ High School Awards Diploma To WWII Vet Who Dropped Out 75 Years Ago

On the last report card that Vito Trause ever received, there is a notation explaining his withdrawal from high school. It says "Army."

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This Trader Joe's Proposal Is One Of The Sweetest Things Ever

There are creative proposals, and then there's this unbelievably sweet, colorful, and unique request for a hand in marriage that was literally inspired by a dream.

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