This polar bear who wants to rumble with you like, yesterday:


This really good comeback Taco Bell made on Twitter:

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This Oscar Wilde quote you can use to inspire your weekend plans:

Wilde and Dangerous My Modern Met

This artist who can't draw a straight, but overcame his handicap and changed our perspective on art forever:

This ridiculously long, albeit brilliant, punversation:

College Humor--Text Puns 

This guy's professional life:

Huffington Post

... and this guy's:

Huffington Post

 These brownies that look so good I might die, revive to eat them, and die again:

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is

These beluga whales playing in the Arctic:

The Atlantic

The highly addictive color-searching website, TinEye Labs:

TinEye Labs TinEye Labs

This dog's car etiquette:

Full Punch

The chorus of this song.

This ingenius method of fort-building:

Dump a Day

This horse who's ready whenever you are:

Tosh.O blog

This little miracle:

Stick wizardry

This owl who can't believe what he just heard:


This beach's split personality:

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The astounding quality of teamwork between these two:

This cat trying to tell you to GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND HAVE FUNNNN!!!!@!^$#!!! iz da weekend :p

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