What's the secret of lasting love? Meet Sandy and Jerry Ziering and Martha and Larry Aasen, two couples who have been married for 58 and 60 years respectively, as they share their stories of dating, their wedding day and how they continue to make love last after so many years.

Jerry and Sandy were introduced by a family friend of Larry's father. Their first date was to the movie "Aida," where Jerry fell asleep and snored the whole time.

"It was a series of comedies that worked out beautifully," the happy couple said.

Martha and Larry met and work and instantly got along. They knew they had to get married. They had a beautiful wedding, even though they had some scheduling conflicts with Martha's parents; they were dedicated to watching the Mississippi State/Ole Miss football game!

"You never really know a person until you marry them," said Larry. "And with Martha, I have been very fortunate."

This video is in loving memory of Sandy and Jerry Ziering who have both passed away. We are blessed that we were able to document their inspiring lives before their passing. We send well wishes to their family, including Ian Ziering, famous for his role in the hit show 90210. We are inspired by their loving story.

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