These Brave Females Will Inspire You To Face Your Fears!

Did you know today is National Face Your Fears day? What are you afraid of? Today is the day to conquer them.

The Joy Riders aren't afraid of much. The all female, international skydiving and base jumping team fall through the sky for fun. They represent joy, passion, inspiration, and work to motivate their audience to go after what they want most in life.

So, today, go out and face your fears!

The Weekly Good - Episode 19

New from! TV personality and mother of 2, Marysol Castro shares stories that highlight the good in the world! This week Marysol shares feel-good stories including one about Julia Alexander's giving spirit and story of survivorship and how she helps other kids affected by cancer. She then turns the spotlight on LiveGirl, a nonprofit Girl Empowerment organization helping to create the next generation of female leaders through positivity and support. Marysol also speaks 1-1 with the stars of OGTV's A Little Joy and Judy who deliver home cooked meals to people going through hard times. Watch the full video now on!

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Kirstie Ennis

New from! While Marine Kirstie Ennis was serving in Afghanistan as a Helicopter Door Gunner, a mission to transport fellow Marines and supplies became a life-changer. Kirstie's copter crashed and she suffered multiple injuries, including the loss of her leg. Follow her journey of recovery and learn how she is supporting fellow hospitalized veterans by participating in the Pin-Ups for Vets program. Watch the full video now on!

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A Dog's Journey Home

In A Dog's Journey Home, we'll meet the incomparable Tracy Whyatt who in 2011 took a break from her pharmaceutical job in search of something more meaningful. A lifelong dog lover, Tracy was horrified to discover that San Antonio had a holding tank for dogs to be euthanized.

She took matters into her own hands and now Tracy and her husband Scott have committed themselves to these abandoned dogs by rehabilitating them and hand delivering them to their forever families. That's how their non-profit, Tracy's Dogs, was born. Meet the dedicated Tracy's Dogs team as they tirelessly work to save the lives of thousands of dogs and find them proper homes across the country. FOR FULL STORIES visit !

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Meet The Doggie Dress Designer Whose Fashions Have Inspired So Many!

What's more fun than watching a fashion show? How about a fashion show featuring incredibly cute dogs??

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Universal FanCon Celebrates Diversity and All Who Love Pop Culture!

The inaugural Universal FanCon (FanCon) is the first large-scale, 24-hour, inclusive event that celebrates the diversity of fans, the diversity of fandom, the true needs of those who love pop culture and a celebration of the differences that make us strong. Hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD, April 27-29, 2018, FanCon's mission is to create a sense of belonging by providing authentic connections and experiences through fan-centric parties, programs, panels and partners.

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When Music and Cultural Heritage Combine, You Get INTEMPO

In a sun-filled church in Stamford, Connecticut, a small group of young students sit with their musical instruments. Among them are many instruments you'd expect to see in a classroom—like violins and guitars—and also several that you may have never seen before, like the South American Charango and a Caribbean steel drum. That would give you your first hint that you're not looking at a standard music class. This is an INTEMPO class.

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3 Celebrities Are Following Their Passions For Helping Others

Sometimes celebrities get a bad rap for being self-centered, but not these celebrities! These 3 celebrities are following their passions outside of the music, television, and film industries, and as a result, they're helping others!

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