Jeff Konchalski was born with spinal meningitis and was constantly fighting off illnesses throughout his childhood. As a teen, he was often mocked for his inability to play sports and "run with the crowd"… all due to his poor health.

When Jeff was 15 years old, he started researching food and supplements, which eventually helped him overcome his adversity and work his way back to good health.

Years later, his appreciation for health paired with his drive to help people, led to the opening of his own health foods store.

Nature's Temptations is an organic market in Ridgefield, CT. It is known around the local communities for having a warm and friendly environment with great products that help its customers obtain healthier lifestyles.

With a full-time certified holistic health counselor and knowledgeable staff, Nature's Temptations is dedicated to providing its customers with a well-balanced way of living.

Jeff is passionate about helping people get healthier and overcoming their obstacles and luckily, Nature's Temptations allows him to do just that.

This video was produced by Tracy Chevrier and shot/edited by Yura Makarov. To see more inspiring videos like this one, visit our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.