These Altruistic Siblings Want To Change The World By Protecting Animals

When a person finds their passion, they should follow it with their whole heart. And no one is "too young" to begin.
Carter and Olivia Ries, brother and sister, are 14 and 12 years old respectively. Despite the fact that neither is old enough to drive a car yet, the siblings have already started their own company based on a shared passion of theirs: saving animals and natural environments through increased recycling and other methods.

The Ries' company is a non-profit called OMG: One More Generation. OMG focuses on the preservation of endangered species across the world, and it has brought Carter and Olivia to multiple countries and continents to spread their message via different curricula that the siblings have created. Through the lessons they offer, Carter and Olivia educate both young students and adults about the plight of species like cheetahs, which could go extinct if they are not consciously protected by humans.

"My favorite trip with One More Generation is out of the country in South Africa, and we're teaching kids about how rhinos are being killed for their horns, but their horns don't even have medicinal value," says Carter of OMG's global efforts. As a result of that lesson, Carter says, "When people learned about this, they were writing letters to the President, and we delivered more than 10,000 letters to the Minister of Environmental Affairs."

Olivia wants to tell other kids that "anyone can make a difference," and that no one should let their age restrict them from dreaming big and pursuing their passions. "They don't need to start when they're older," she continues. "They can start at any age they want to."

You can learn more about OMG and their environmental lessons on their, website or by following them on Facebook and Twitter.
This video was produced by Elise Vaux and shot/edited by Chris Kimling.

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