Charli is an adorable dog with a passion for recycling--even if he doesn't know it.  Who knew so much fun could be had with an old water bottle?

Any plastic water bottle will do, but Charli takes recycling to the next level with this Nika water bottle.  Nika takes on recycling in two ways. Nika is pledging that for every bottle of water that we sell, we will ensure that another empty bottle is recycled. This way Nika is not adding to the overall amount of plastic bottles that exist in the world. To accomplish this, Nika is partnering with schools located in states that do not have container deposit laws to host recycling efforts. For every empty bottle that the schools collect and recycle, Nika will pay that schools a fee, which can be used to fund any charity or educational opportunity of the school’s choice. Plus, all of Nika’s bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.