Father Opens Florida Car Wash And Watches Autistic Son Thrive


John D'Eri and his son, Tom, first opened Rising Tide in April of 2013 to provide their autistic son and brother Andrew a means of employment. After realizing that Andrew was excelling at the car wash, they opened their doors to others like him. Now, Rising Tide Car Wash employs 35 adults with autism.

General Manager. "They never thought they would be having careers, most have never worked before, so they love it here. It's like a family."

80-90% of people on the autism spectrum excel with processing, detail oriented tasks, which makes the work they do at the car work the perfect fit for them. And they're not only getting a paycheck but a place to make friends and build confidence and a sense of independence. The employees at Rising Tide take great pride in their work; you can rest assured that after these hard-workers are done with your car, it'll be the cleanest in town!

"They have a smile on their face and care about every car they work on," said Tom. "It's a really exceptional environment."