Despite having only one leg, Patience Beard is a scholarship Division 1 Cheerleader at the University of Arkansas. Although she lost her leg as an infant, Patience doesn't feel that she is out of the ordinary because she has never known life without a prosthetic.

She admitted to wanting to be like everyone else when she was younger, but her supportive family helped her realize that she has the power to set her own standards of normalcy and to not ever feel ashamed for being different.

"My brother brought me in for show-and tell one year," said Patience. "The kids were asking me why I was like that and I just said, "My mom says I'm special! I was made this way.'"

Patience doesn't let her leg stop her from participating in cheerleading. She dances all the moves everyone else does, she just has a zebra prosthetic leg to help, giving her the foundation she needs to succeed and major style points.

"Everyone wants to be normal," said Patience. "But everyone has to set their own standard of what normal is."