She's been working for nearly a century, and she won't quit. She doesn't want to. Agnes Zhelesnik loves her job and sees no reason she can't keep on working with kids. “I love them," she told CNN. "They’re my best helpers. That’s the only reason why I come here, is the children.” Zhelesnik who is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, was born on January 12, 1914. She’s lived through two World Wars, recessions, depressions and was happily married for 61 years before her husband passed away in 1999.

That alone sounds like a full life-time at the end of which, many would gladly trade working shoes for something a little more comfortable. Zhelesnik is considering it when she turns 100.

What's even more inspiring is that she only just began her career as a home ec. teacher when she was 81 at the Sundance School in Northplainfield, N.J. in 1995. She told CNN that while many things have changed since her days as a student, Granny says one thing has not.

“Kids are the same. They like to eat. They like to laugh and talk,” she said.

In a time where there is an incredible amount of pressure for everyone to get a job, or--God forbid--finally hear one's calling in life, this nonagenarian's story is inspiring to say the least; an example we would do well to live by, knowing that even in your nineties, there is time to nurture one's passion and desire to serve.