9-year-old Malachi Samedy started drumming at the age of 2 and hasn't stopped. His father and mother noticed it early on and got him a drum set, allowing him to practice on his own. His hard work paid off when when he was accepted to music school at age 4. Today, Malachi is considered a drumming prodigy!

"When he was a baby, he used to band on everything," his father told us. "My wife said he's a drummer and I said no, he's just a kid. But she was right."

He has played with seasoned professionals and Grammy winners, performed at Haiti & Japan relief benefits and was even awarded an invitation to play for President Obama. Famous musicians say he plays like a seasoned professional and, sometimes when they are performing, they forget that he's just a kid who looks to small to be sitting at the drum set.

But there are some things you are just born with and Malachi was born to play the drums.

"What I like about drumming I get to let myself free in the drums," said Malachi. "My earliest memory is taking crayons and markers and pretending to play the drums."

Malachi continues to inspire people with his incredible talents. For more info on Malachi click HERE.