Amazing 2017 Stories: Heroic Animal Rescuers Reunited Pets and Their Families

The 2017 wildfires in Northern California were devastating to many families in a number of ways—but in at least one respect, there's some very happy news to report. Animal rescuers have been able to reunite families dozens of pets, who fled during the fires or simply weren't nearby when the rest of the family had to evacuate. Some of the images of the reunions are simply awe-inspiring.

Many of the animals found by rescuers were cats. Because felines tend to be more independent (and skittish) than dogs or caged pets like rabbits, it's more difficult for families to grab them at a moment's notice.

"More often than not, they bolt," says Karen Blount, a veterinarian at Windsor Animal Hospital in Santa Rosa, CA.

Nevertheless, rescue workers found and saved a number of cats from the ravages of the wildfires. Many of the animals were injured, with burns on their paws, whiskers, ears, and other furry areas, but are being nursed back to health under the loving care of animal shelters and vets.

With all of the good work that's been done, there are plenty of families still separated from their beloved pets. Fortunately, an online database shared among shelters and rescue orgs is available to any pet owner who's looking for a furry friend.

When disaster strikes, the goodness of humanity often shines through. We're so grateful for the brave rescuers in Northern California in 2017!

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