Ever feel you're living in the past and all of your thoughts are consumed with what you didn't do? Stop for a moment, ---- and take a deep breath. Now take some time to focus on the future, your future.  How do you want to become a better you? Take these 3 things about your past into consideration.

1. In the grand scheme of things, does this really matter?

In retrospect, your regrets really aren't worth the time agonizing over them. As we move forward, the bad decisions we think we have made lose their worth. Spending hours or even days reflecting on the rough times can only hurt us. It takes us away from the amazing things we could be achieving in now.

2. Can you go back in time and fix it?

No of course  you can't. So let it go. Everything happens for a reason right? Embrace and understand the fact that you cannot change what has already happened.

3. Wiggle your toes.

Bring yourself back to reality. Find something that helps your mind come back to the positively present side of life. Whether its rubbing your toes on the cool green grass or spinning a top and watching it fall to the table, finding your happy place will help block out all the negativity.

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