They frolic! They play! They chase and tumble. And you will never be so excited by the idea of puppy breath! Check out this video and watch the painfully adorable afternoon adventure through a meadow with 21 Golden Retriever puppies. You read that right, 21 Golden Retriever puppies!

These beautiful pups came from Overlook Goldens, in Sherman, CT, where you can find more just like them! At 6 weeks old, these little ones are enjoying their freedom and the thrill of new experiences as the tumble down hills and frolic joyously through green grass.

Their cuteness will leave you smiling all day!

This video was shot/edited by Abe Halpert, Andrew Osborne and Elise Vaux. Want to see more painfully cute puppy videos? Check out the Heartwarming Animals YouTube Channel, part of the HooplaHa Network...and don't forget to smile!