While looking for content to inspire another post, I discovered One Sentence, a website where people submit true stories that are, you guessed it, one sentence long. It's immediately interesting, reminiscent of the Post Secret phenomenon but more subtle, lacking an accompanying image. Without the visual drama is obviously therefore understated, but trust me, the drama (and humor) is there.

It's frank lines like, "Today I washed my mother's hair for the first time." That stops you in your tracks and make you think, Oh yeah, I guess I've never really washed my mother's hair. It's only ever been the other way round. Why did this person wash his mother's hair? Is she sick? Does she not have arms? Is he having amid-life crisis and wants to leave his job as a tax lawyer and become a colorist and his mother found out after reading his journal and coerced him into practicing on her so she could get her roots done in exchange for making her signature meatballs? Who knows, and I mean that declaratively. There's no way of knowing exactly who, what, when, where, why or how it came to be or where it will go.

The site has hundreds of stories like these at your imaginative disposal. You can do something as small as chuckle to yourself or go so far as write the rest of the story. Here are some of the best ones I found. Have fun.

1. Frustratedmom: she hates melted cheese, but wants pizza.

2. Wanted: That night, our game of fugitive ended in an actual cop chase.

3. Charlie G: On a one lane dirt road 30 miles deep into a rain soaked state forest it finally occurs to me, this is no place for my Toyota Corolla.

4. shanwich: When I got a free puppy from a one-eyed man at a apple orchard, I had no idea she would grow up to be my service dog.

5. Kaitlyn: Having successfully broken into his house, I fed his dog and did a load of laundry.

6. Terrible aim: I never worried about my mental state until I threw a vase at you for wishing me a happy birthday.

7. RK: No one ever believes me, but a one-legged man did steal my creative writing at a school camp.

8. Freanken_bunny: I've spent 20 years being worried about how much taller I was than all the boys, and in 7 minutes I fell in love with a boy in a wheelchair.

9. J: I was on my third glass of whiskey when the stray cat I let in out of the rain began giving birth to kittens on my couch.

10. Different and proud: When my dad told me to "not knock up a girl in college, and do whatever you have to make sure it doesn't happen" he never envisioned me having a transgender girlfriend.

11. Gidget: I had a dead squirrel in one hand, a screaming child in the other, soon replaced with cake, and then I realized my life had taken an odd turn.

12. Happy 24.7: My wedding cost $6700 and my divorce cost $16425, both were worth it.

13. Caitlin: His confession made me wonder how many other chances I missed because I was too scared.

14. Pheonix: That night ended eventfully with one traumatized dog, two irritated parents, one hormonal crying teenager, and hundreds of gallons of water down the drain, but it's okay because my dog no longer has poop all over his body.

15. I see Grandma: I was excited to climb out and meet her, but the window glass wasn't.

16. StanNJ: After driving 800 miles non-stop to visit my family, I got lost for the only time that day within 2 blocks of my old home.

17. lonesome_pine: When I told my group of Boy Scouts they would need to look for signs of wildlife on our nature hike, one small bespectacled boy asked, "Do zombies count as wildlife?"

18. Jackie: When I was little my older brother convinced me that if I never farted I would blow up at the age of 34.

19. Phil: I gave my cat a toy mouse and she reciprocated with a real one.

20. Not a VIP: I just today realized that you had to pay admission to the art museum after years of my father telling me to walk right in and avoid the people in the uniforms.