1963, Gregory Sukhov takes his pet bear Mickey for a walk in Moscow.

1953, The Seattle Tubing Society, full float ahead.

Early 1900s, French postcard.

1910s, Pickpockets.

1921, Protesters rally against prohibition laws by quoting scripture in an anti-prohibition parade in New York.

1933, Testing a bullet-proof vest.

1929, The “Spruce Girls” show off their spruce wood veneer bathing suits during “Wood Week” to promote products of the Gray Harbor lumber industry in Hoquiam, Washington. Yes, their bathing suits are made of wood.

Date unknown. A crow tucks a boy into bed.

1960, An actor from the film, Testament of Orpheus stands in costume.

Date unknown, subject unknown. I hope whatever she has in her hands is at least dead.

1900, A zoo-keeper spots a young visitor for a hippo ride. 

I don't think they knew how dangerous hippos were back then...

1950, "The Centipede" performed by dancers in Brussels.

Mid 1950s, First, note the cat in his lap. From the submitter: “I hooked a coat hanger over his collar to form shoulders, and newspaper stuffed into his trousers.”

1910s. Standing on a mountain of already donated volumes, an amiable barker calls for still more books from passers-by outside the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue.

1930s. Swimming lesson.

Date unknown. Riders swap roles with their horses to quench their thirst.

1930s. A Young girl takes a ride on a kite string in London.

Jan. 29, 1921. One legged roller skater jumping rope.

All in a day.

1939. London.

Date unknown. Zebra sports in East Africa.

Photos via blackandwtf.tumblr.com