1. Give a reusable water bottle full of water to a homeless person.

2. Ask a grandparent to tell you a story about when they were your age. Listen to it.

3. Donate towels and blankets to an animal shelter.

4. If a person is attempting to get a stroller up or down stairs alone, help them.

5. Leave a big tip for a server being mistreated by other customers and a note that thanks them for great service.

6. Compliment an older person's outfit. It happens less and less as you get older.

7. Buy food you don't necessarily want from enthusiastic kids selling it. You can give it to a food bank or the homeless or literally anyone else later.

8. Say "Good morning" to strangers in the elevator.

9. Tell a stranger in the dressing room who is shopping alone that something looks great on them.

10. If you use the last of the toilet paper in a public bathroom stall, find a way to replace it so the next person isn't left hanging.

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